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Chi Rho Tattoo Meaning

Chi rho cross - seiyaku, Chi rho cross, one of several forms. this style is the church of uganda logo rho cross - a rho (p) on a tau. often called a staurogram and similar to the shepherd's cross. Labarum - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The labarum was a vexillum (military standard) that displayed the "chi-rho" symbol ☧, a christogram formed from the first two greek letters of the word "christ. Christian symbols meaning, The chi rho is one of the earliest cruciform symbols used by christians. it is formed by superimposing the first two letters of the word "christ" in greek, chi = ch.

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Chi rho christogram labarum - christian symbols | religion, The chi-rho (pronounced "kee-roe") christian symbol consisting intersection capital greek letters chi (Χ) rho (Ρ), . http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/symbols/chi_rho.htm Chi-rho (labarum, constantine’ cross, christogram, The chi-rho emblem viewed christian cross. pre-christian symbol, chi-rho signified good fortune. chi ro . http://symboldictionary.net/?p=2043 Chi rho, chrismon, monogram christ, labarum -- early, Chi-rho symbol part marble catacomb gravestone seberus, pio cristiano: vatican museum. notice omega alpha symbols left . http://www.jesuswalk.com/christian-symbols/chi-rho.htm