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Veves voodoo - symboldictionary.net, In vodoun (voodoo) practice, veves are intricate symbols of the loas (gods), and are used in rituals. they are similar to the sigils used in ritual magic.. Haiti earthquake & voodoo : myths, ritual, robertson, Haiti earthquake & voodoo: myths, ritual, and robertson a voodoo scholar on how believers may view the quake, why he thinks pat robertson's remarks were. Creole moon' authentic orleans voodoo, hoodoo , Creole moon's spiritual art for sacred spaces: publications, magickal apothecary and spiritual art for cultural preservation carries a unique selection of hand.

Voodoo Priest
550 x 352 · 81 kB · jpeg, Voodoo Priest

Creepy Voodoo Dolls
2356 x 1571 · 1667 kB · jpeg, Creepy Voodoo Dolls

CHOKU REI - Heilung und Schutz
200 x 330 · 11 kB · jpeg, CHOKU REI - Heilung und Schutz

Veve for Erzulie Freda Stickers
324 x 324 · 14 kB · jpeg, Veve for Erzulie Freda Stickers

The crescent moon
130 x 172 · 6 kB · jpeg, The crescent moon

Witches Wand
218 x 274 · 8 kB · jpeg, Witches Wand

CHOKU REI - Heilung und Schutz

Vodun (... voodoo) related religions, Vodun called voodoo, vodoun, vodou. religions related vodun : candomble, lucumi, macumba, yoruba) general background: vodun (... vodoun. http://www.religioustolerance.org/voodoo.htm Symbols - voodoo authentica - authentic orleans voodoo, Voodoo authentica orleans authentic ritual entertainment, complete line voodoo products voodoo dolls, gris gris bags, ju-ju', spells. http://www.voodooshop.com/voodoo/FAQanswers/faqsymbols.htm Papa legba - voodoo symbols - vodou veves - symbols vodou, Legba gatekeeper spirit world, vilokan. rituals prayer legba open gates participants gain access lwas.. http://altreligion.about.com/od/symbols/ig/Vodoun-Veves/Legba.htm